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Nothing in franchising is more important than Unit Economics.  Success of your brand is dependent on the franchisees making money.  It is the cornerstone to a great franchisee/franchisor relationship.  It is the driving force behind positive validation for franchise development.  Without solid Unit Economics franchisees become disenchanted with the system, franchises close, validation is non-existent and franchise development comes to a grinding halt.

And it takes more than a solid business concept It takes more than a great product or great service.  It takes understanding what areas within the business system impact Unit Economics, how to track them, how to prioritize where to focus, and how to positively impact them.  We call it “Business Triage” and helping you and your franchisees in five critical functions:

  1. Identify “Areas of Impact
  2. Establish and track Key Performance Indicators
  3. Drill down and prioritize specific KPIs for greatest impact
  4. Recognize and offer sustainable “cures” for deficiencies in KPIs
  5. Incorporate this process into training and manuals to help future franchisees



With robust Unit Economics firmly in place, you can focus on the KPIs that drive your top and bottom line . . . Franchisee revenue.  Since your revenue and profitability is driven by a percentage of the franchisee’s revenue is how you will Move The Needle for your success.  So you too should have a clear understanding what areas within the business system impact the top line revenue of the franchises, how to track them, how to prioritize where to focus, and how to positively impact them.  Sound familiar.  The process to drive Unit Economics is the same process you use to Move The Needle.  National Franchise Advisors can help you help them in driving top line revenue with some simple adjustments within you business model.



One of the great things about working with us to improve Unit Economics and to Move The Needle, is that our process is the perfect answer and solution to the franchisees that are falling short and keep telling you It’s Not Working.  They aren’t making money, they are feeling financial pressures, and they are pointing the finger at you and your business system as the cause.  Our program will help you to show them the path to sustainable growth and profitability.

It is like the old saying goes “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.  Once implemented you can shift the responsibility to the franchisees, while you maintain responsibility for guiding them.  Your role is not to do it for them.  Your role is to train, guide, and support them.  Our Business Triage System is designed to do exactly that.