Our Approach


Driving Sustainable Growth

National Franchise Advisors focuses on developing strategies to drive healthy, sustainable growth.  We call it “Business Triage” and helping you and your franchisees in five critical functions:

  • Identify “Areas of Impact”
  • Establish and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Drill down and prioritize specific KPIs for greatest impact
  • Recognize and offer sustainable “cures” for deficiencies in KPIs
  • Incorporate this process into training and manuals to help future franchisees


Our Business Triage begins with a free, Introductory Discussion by phone or web-meeting where we learn about your business, the “pain points” you would like to resolve, your goals and objectives, and what you expect from a consulting or advisory group. Through this call we can better understand your concerns, your vision, and how we can assist. If you decide to go forward, we’ll arrange for the next stage in the process to get you and your brand back on track.


The Discovery and Assessment Process of our Business Triage process will involve a combination of information and discussions commensurate with the scope of the assignment.  After understanding your expectations and pain points, we typically request financial information, review your digital online presence and interview key executives and franchisees and try to get a firm understanding any specific issues. We focus on improving unit economics that will eventually positively impact your relationship with franchisees, validation in the franchise development process, and overall sustainable growth of the organization


The Solutions phase is typically multifaceted to address your original pain points and objectives.  It revolves around not only developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within the “areas of impact”, but drilling down to components (symptoms) that can specifically drive improvement.  Once identified and tracked, those KPIs will allow us to work with you to prioritize those that will drive the greatest impacts.   We typically deploy easy to access and understand dashboards to track progress and shortfalls.  All shortfalls are met with root-cause assessment and corrective action plans.  The essence of our program is to provide solutions that will effect a positive change unit economics and help you move the needle to your greater success.  Our solutions are not short term fixes, but are designed for sustainable growth and profitability.


National  Franchise Advisors can provide assistance in implementation at many levels including, but not limited to “fractional” operational assistance where we serve as your operations department on an “as needed” hourly basis.  In addition, to help prevent such issues in the future, we can help integrate the processes, KPI’s, dashboards, etc. into your initial training and operations manuals.