About Us


Dedicated to franchise success at all levels, National Franchise Advisors provides turn-around assistance and strategic growth opportunities to struggling/under-performing franchise brands.  This assistance includes expertise in the development of franchise-specific programs for driving sales & development, improving unit-level economics, and increasing brand awareness for both franchise candidate and consumer objectives alike.  Utilizing a culture-to-growth philosophy, NFA strives to ensure sustainability of your brand for years to come by helping you address these issues with the same strategic approach employed by “Corporate America” over the past decade as it recovered from economic issues of 2008.  Our process focuses on your “pain points” and works within your system to drive change and growth.


John Colarossi is a Co-Founder and CEO of National Franchise Advisors (NFA).  Throughout his successful career, John has shown outstanding results working with private equity firms on acquisitions and corporate turnarounds.  His focus on value proposition, position within the marketplace, and key factors influencing profitability, helps companies build significant value and drive sustainable growth.  He has effectively helped struggling businesses redefine their current strategy in light of today’s changing markets.  In addition to nearly 20 years of executive management experience with several national franchise brands, John has also developed, and currently leads, a web-based management training company focused on the needs of small businesses in developing their personnel.


Paul Segreto is a Co-Founder and President of National Franchise Advisors (NFA).  Paul has a wide range of franchising experience, is a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) and a Certified Franchise Broker (CFB). He brings his unique perspective, entrepreneurial spirit and extensive industry experience to his role within NFA.  He also serves as CEO of Franchise Foundry, a strategic partner of NFA, and is the founder of the popular podcast “Franchise Today”.   For over thirty five years he has exclusively served the franchise industry as a multi-unit franchisee, area developer, senior level corporate executive, consultant, coach, and advocate.  Whether it is to assist a portfolio client with growth, or help one of our clients find the right franchised business, Paul is dedicated to franchise success at all levels.  In 2014 and 2015 Paul was named Top 100 Champion Small Business Influencer by “Small Business Trends”.