Franchise Brand Growth

Franchise Brand Growth

We offer a free, 1-hour Introductory Discussion by phone or web-meeting where we learn about your business, the “pain points” you would like to resolve, your goals and objectives, and what you expect from a consulting or advisory group.  Through this call we can better understand your concerns, your vision, and how we can assist.   If you decide to go forward, we’ll arrange for the next stage in the process to get you and your brand back on track.

The Franchise Evaluation Process includes researching your industry segment with specific emphasis on the success and failure of similar brands, as single operation, as small independent chain or as a franchise. The value proposition of your franchised brand will be explored with the objective of identifying possible differentiating factors that may provide competitive advantage and/or lend to opportunities for expanded brand awareness and consumer attraction not previously realized. The evaluation will also include the same factors as it pertains to marketing the franchise system.

Included is a physical visit one or more of your franchised locations and a meeting with the management team to further discuss vision, goals, and objectives.  Additional insight to be gained as a result of the visit, specifically in day-to-day operations, operations setup, marketing, technology, processes, procedures, etc. along with historical facts surrounding the brand.  It may also include discussions (with your permission) with designated franchisees for their perception of the brand.

The result of the Franchise Evaluation Project will be a Franchise Action Plan.  This document provides recommendations and explanation behind a plan for immediate brand stability, improved unit economics, and future growth. The report includes estimated costs associated with various stages of the plan. The process will be broken down into a progressive order that can be revised to accommodate an extended timeline for budget and/or other considerations.

Implementation and Assistance of the Action Plan is typically multifaceted to address your original pain points and objectives.  It could involve recommended adjustments to processes, personnel, brand identity, marketing strategies, and management systems.  The essence of our program is to provide solutions that will effect a positive change in your profitability, customer experience, franchisee satisfaction, and employee morale.  The key to our solutions will be sustainability and not short-term fixes.

Any facet of this Action Plan can be implemented in one of three ways: through Franchise Management Advisors, your management team, or third parties of your choice.  In addition, Franchise Management Advisors can serve in a management control function regardless of the party implementing any facet of the plan.